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Get unlimited access to courses with everything you always wanted to learn about the beauty of African history, the resilience of  African American culture and the life-changing power of diversity, equity and inclusion.      
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of information on systemic racism, social justice, and racial inequity? Do you lack the historical context needed to fully understand these issues?

Are you unsure how to best navigate the renewed interest in socially-focused discourse to engage more effectively?

Studying with us will help you learn the historical roots of the Black experience to create a context to understand the past, how it relates to the present, and what that means for the future. 

You'll develop a broad base of introductory  knowledge to be more informed on Black history and contemporary culture. More advanced courses on social justice and change will provide the tools to not only understand but also create dialogue and participate in change using proven strategies.

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Benefits of our Black history program

We have designed courses filled with a variety of subjects on Black history and culture from around the world on topics from African origins to contemporary Black culture and diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Practical approach

Our program is designed to provide foundational Black history knowledge, using a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the effectiveness of our student-centered learning modality.

Global orientation

The strategies shared and knowledge learned allows our students to immediately use the knowledge they have learned to become change agents in a more socially-conscious globally-connected environment.

Personal development

Having historical context to make the connections between the past, present and impending future puts you in a position to understand the world around you. Using this knowledge you will develop and improve your unique place in it.

40+ courses focused on:
- African American history and culture 
- Diversity, equity & inclusion
- African history and culture

Modular asynchronous, self-paced online course delivery with subscription-based unlimited access, discussion forums, and certificates of completion available 

Student-Centered learning environment with optional synchronous one-on-one coaching

For $14.99/ month get UNLIMITED access to all courses.

Our courses 


Reviews from our Students       

David Doty

Vice president, engaged learning
I am very, very impressed with these outstanding modules created by Elizabeth Leiba and Black History & Culture Academy.

The mix of written and video content is engaging, interesting, and informative. It is also well suited for a wide variety of audiences, from high school students to experienced professionals.

I strongly believe that if we are ever going to realize our Constitution's ultimate promises of equality for all people, we must have more thorough, accurate, and honest education about Black history in the United States.
Once you interact with this Academy, I guarantee you will learn new things that will make you a better, more compassionate human and a better ally.

Lola Bakare

marketing success coach
For anyone looking for more edifying ways to spend pandemic downtime, I am LOVING my subscription to Elizabeth Leiba’s Black History & Culture Academy.

For less than two venti lattes a month, you get access to truly insightful content at a level of depth afforded by her professorial chops.

I’m currently taking the course on Ibram X. Kendi’s “How To Be An AntiRacist” as I read the book.

The nerd in me absolutely loves getting a grade (complete with a personalized note from Elizabeth Leiba!) upon the completion of module questions!

Abby Dyer

Sr. Project Manager
Being a good ally means being able to tell the difference when your well-meaning stuff becomes more about you than about the community you're trying to celebrate, and stopping yourself before you steal some of the spotlight.

Rather than spend time re-filming a video that would be rushed and not as good, I've decided to not post a video this week. Instead, I'll be spending some time learning at the Black History Culture Academy.

Elizabeth Leiba, thank you for creating this wonderful place! I cannot recommend this website enough to anyone that wants to learn about the rich culture and history that we were not taught in public school.

Jennifer Velez

education specialist
In my video I referred to Elizabeth Leiba as the anecdote, I meant the antidote 🙃.

So, please enjoy my anecdote about the antidote we need right now.

Yesterday's decision in Kenosha, today's attack on democracy in D.C. wreak of privilege and inequity. Stacey Abrams work on the foundation people like John Lewis built, we can all learn from.

Education needs to be part of the piece that gets us through..

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