Our mission at Knowledge Unbound is to illuminate the greatness of African and African American history and culture, fostering an appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Black experience. We strive to empower students in grades K-12 and beyond with a deep understanding of our shared past, igniting curiosity, and inspiring a future built on knowledge, unity, and respect.
We believe in providing an inclusive learning environment that nurtures intellectual growth, cultivates cultural pride, and equips students to be catalysts for positive change. Through innovative online education, we aim to uncover the depth of Black history, bringing to light both celebrated triumphs and lesser-known narratives.

Our commitment is to help each student grasp the profound influence of African and African American contributions to global civilization. We aspire to build a community of lifelong learners who, equipped with historical understanding, will lead the world toward a more empathetic, equitable, and inclusive future.
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We help you fuel your personal development by offering 

Courses grounded in Black history 

Courses provide you with a contextual foundation, which you can use to analyze and understand current events.

A variety of course offerings

More than 30 courses in a variety of subject areas from African pre-colonial history to contemporary Black literature and music.

Online Learning

Courses are offered in an asynchronous learning environment, with month-long sessions designed to maximize your time and provide you with the foundational knowledge you need.  


Courses are taught by subject matter experts and include optional live sessions, interactive forums, and coaching sessions to increase engagement and understanding of course concepts.

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Don't lose the opportunity to become well-versed, proficient and more effective in your knowledge of Black history and culture.
About me
I'm a college professor, with more than 10 years experience teaching face-to-face and online. I currently work as an instructional design manager, developing online classes for more than 1,000 students. 

I was selected as a LinkedIn "Top Voice" in Education, host The EBONY Media podcast, Black Power Moves and am a published writer. My most recent writing includes an Op-Ed piece on racial profiling for CNN, and I was featured in a New York Times article about my social justice advocacy work.