Education Should NORMALIZE Discussion About Race

Elizabeth Leiba
Higher Ed should NORMALIZE discussion about race.

We should teach students about diversity through lived experiences and the TRUTH about the history of oppression and discrimination against marginalized people, including Black, Indigenous, other POC, LGBTQ and those of varying mental and physical abilities, as well as how that legacy affects those communities TODAY.

We should teach students EMPATHY, to understand the struggle for vulnerable communities and beyond that how to ADVOCATE for reform when they witness injustice, so they can be change agents in society.

But we DON'T do that. We teach students:
😑 "I don't see color!"
💪🏽 "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!!"
⚖ "There's a level playing field for everyone!"

Guess what? That is NOT true! And we have to FIX it because That's our JOB!