Elizabeth Leiba

As a Queen, I Simply Adjust My Crown!

💪🏽 I'm bent but NOT broken.
💪🏽 I'm shaken but NOT shattered.
💪🏽 I'm discouraged but NOT defeated.
👑 As a Queen, I simply adjust my CROWN!
When I feel discouraged, I remember the blood of royalty and warrior-women pulses through my veins. I CAN'T be stopped!

👑 The Dahomey Mino, are the basis for the Dora Milaje, from the Black Panther movie, which means they were real-life badass superheroes. They were an all-female military regiment from the Kingdom of Dahomey, located in what is today known as the Republic of Benin.

👑 Nzinga Mbandi was born in the 17th century into the ruling royal family in Angola. She acted as ambassador to the Portuguese colonizers and later assumed power over the kingdom.

👑 Amina was a legendary Hausa warrior-queen of Zazzau, in present-day Nigeria. During her 34-year reign, she expanded her territory, secured the trading passages through the Sahara, and introduced metal battle armor in the region.

✅ I started my subscription-based Black History & Culture Academy in collaboration with The EdUp Experience, to educate about the richness and beauty of Ancient African history and culture, with access to 20+ courses on:

🌍 African history and culture
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👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Diversity, equity & inclusion

My history is my strength. My ancestors give me courage. Their resistance is my legacy. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.