Black Poetry

Elizabeth Leiba
We are so much more than our pain... We are triumph, beauty and the wildest hopes of our ancestors. Our experience, as Blacks in America, is more diverse than the fight for equality, social justice and freedom from oppression.

Conversely, we are also not just hip hop, dance trends on TikTok and slam dunking a basketball. We fall somewhere in between this spectrum.

And our voices have been raised in this country on every topic from love and loss to beauty and pride.

Poetry has a unique ability to use imagery, symbolism and powerful language to convey the human experience, providing observations about the universe around us.

Have you ever read the poetry of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, or the incomparable Maya Angelou? Their beautiful words transcend space and time.

Maybe you're not a fan of poetry, but I guarantee reading the poetry of Langston Hughes will take your breath away!