Welcome to Knowledge Unbound: A Journey Through Black History

In Knowledge Unbound, Black History & Culture Academy's program for students, we believe that knowledge of our roots paves the way for a future rich in unity, understanding, and empowerment.

Our mission is to cultivate a learning environment where students from grades K-12 and beyond can explore and appreciate the wealth, depth, and diversity of African and African American history and culture.
Our unique online academy encourages curiosity, nurtures critical thinking, and empowers students to appreciate the dynamic stories that have shaped our world.   
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Why Choose Black History & Culture Academy's Knowledge Unbound Program?

  • Uncover Hidden Histories: Our comprehensive curriculum reveals the vibrant tapestry of African and African American experiences, both celebrated and underrepresented, from ancient civilizations to contemporary society.

  • A Curriculum for All Grades: Each of our courses has been carefully designed to engage students at their respective learning levels, with content and activities becoming more complex as they advance through the grades.

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Our state-of-the-art e-learning platform uses interactive technologies such as video lessons, virtual tours, 3D explorations, quizzes, and group projects to make the learning experience exciting and memorable.

  • Empowering Future Generations: We believe in fostering a better understanding of Black history to inspire students and help them become ambassadors of positive change in their communities and the world.

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Our Courses:

Our dynamic courses offer a comprehensive look into various aspects of African and African American history and culture:

The Foundations

Delve into the birthplace of civilization, explore ancient African kingdoms, and understand their groundbreaking contributions to science, art, and governance.

Transatlantic Journey

Examine the complex history of the Atlantic slave trade, its global impact, and the strength and resilience demonstrated by those who endured it.

The Fight for Freedom

Discover the inspiring narratives of abolitionists, activists, and revolutionaries who have strived for equality and civil rights throughout history.

The Renaissance of Culture

 Learn about the Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement, and the ongoing contributions of Black creatives to world culture.

Modern Movements 

Understand the intricacies of modern civil rights movements, from the 1960s to Black Lives Matter, and their ongoing fight for social justice.

30+ courses focused on:
  • African American history
  • African American literature
  • African American culture
  • African history
  • African culture

Modular asynchronous, self-paced online course delivery with unlimited access to courses designed to interrogate Black history, using critical thinking skills, logic, and reasoning to develop a global perspective.

Student-Centered learning environment with courses designed to provide context for the history of the Black experience in America by beginning with African history up through the present day.

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Our courses 

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Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through time and across continents. Stand on the shoulders of giants and learn the true greatness of African and African American history and culture. Join us at Black History & Culture Academy and participate in Knowledge Unbound, where we celebrate our shared past to inspire an empowered and liberated future.